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Engineering Newmsdprometheus
Engineering Engineering_encounter_7s
Engineering Anim_49_big
Engineering Engineering_encounter-8s
Engineering Engineering_encounter_5s-1
Shadow's Main Engineering

Engineering Cloak_control_room-s

Shadow's Bio-Cloak Controls

Engineering System Information

Type: Heavy Combat - Stealth Starship
Length Overall: 575 meters
Width: 300 meters
Height: 170 meters
Mass: 950,000 metric tons

Class:Hephaestus-Shadow Class, SpecOps.

Decks: 23

Deck 1 Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room

Deck 2Observation Lounge

Deck 3 XO’S Quarters and Office

Deck 4 Guest Quarters

Deck 5 Senior Officer's Quarters

Deck 6 Main Computer Core

Deck 7 Forward Lounge/Mess Hall

Deck 8 Escape Pods, Weapons Storage

Deck 9 Holodecks

Deck 10 Brig, Security Office, CMR-Sickbay

Deck 11 Transporter Room 1-2

Deck 12 Intelligence Deck

Deck 13 Shuttle Bay, Cargo Bay 1 - 5

Deck 14 Crew Quarters

Deck 15 Forward/Aft Torpedo launcher, Lower Phaser Banks, Deflectors

Deck 16 Computer Core B, Life Support, Phaser Bank systems, deflectors

Deck 17 Detachment Team Deck & Tactical Training Center

Deck 18 Child Care Facility, Children's School, CMO-Sickbay &
Counselor's office.

Deck 19 Engineering Computer Core, deflectors

Deck 20-22 Main Engineering and Power Distribution Impulse Engines,
Warp Drive Propulsion Systems, Fuel Pumps, Injection
Reactors, Environmental Support, Waste Management,
Maintenance Repair Team,Bio-Cloak Control Room

Deck 23 Antimatter Injection Reactors, Antimatter Storage Pods,
Landing Struts

Production Base: Starbase 575-Sitara Fleet
Accommodation: 140 Max Accommodation: 200

Power Plant: Cochrane warp core feeding four nacelles; two impulse modules. Integrated Breen engine technology increases overall efficiency

Performance: Warp 9.982 for 12 hours

Forward Armament: 4 Polaron Cannons, 4 Heavy Polaron Cannons, 2 Quantum Torpedo Launcher, 2x Breen Transphasic MIRV Launcher

Aft Armament: 2 Polaron Turret, 2 Phaser Beam Array, 2 Quantum Torpedo Launcher

Special Equipment:Transphasic Bio - Cloaking Device (while cloak able to move through solid objects.), External Holo-Emitters, Neutronium Armor Plating

The U.S.S. Shadow is designed for heavy combat and stealth operations, primarily those against Borg, Dominion, Breen and Undine forces. Specially designed for Starfleet SpecOps, the Shadow reverse-engineered Breen technology in conjunction with an unorthodox mixture of Starfleet and Breen combat tactics to cripple and destroy targets. The Vultina's transphasic bio - cloaking device designed by Commander Vultina also makes it very useful for hit and run attacks as well as covert mission.

The Shadow's -greatest strengths lie in its reverse-engineered Breen technology. The Shadow's features a forward battery of four polaron cannons, a rear-mounted Polaron turret, and a foreward-mounted Transphasic MIRV launcher, all Breen in design, made for draining enemy systems of power or bypassing their shields. As it is designed for facing some of the Federation's greatest threats, the Porinale features heavy shielding, and an added layer of Neutronium armor for increased hull durability.


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